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Great DIY projects you can complete this summer

Posted by John Cook on July 20, 2016 in No Category
DIY projects you will love! As your kid goes off to college they will finally live on their own. What is better than a decorated dorm room that everybody will love? From light-up signs to desk accessories make sure your child is loving every second of college. Celebrating a wedding this summer and looking for the perfect centerpiece that will set the mood for the room? Discover these DIY phenomenal boutiques that will have a ... read more

How to create real estate listings that sell

Posted by John Cook on July 20, 2016 in No Category
How to Create Real Estate Listings That Sell By Chris Stoddart Online listings are the first step of almost every real estate sale these days so it is crucial that yours be in great shape. Attracting buyers with property listings can be a challenge for many real estate agents, but if you keep the right things in mind, it is easy to use them effectively.   Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out One of the biggest mistakes I see in real estate listings is lack of personality. These listings are there to grab ... read more

Home Warranty

Posted by John Cook on July 18, 2016 in No Category
Buying a Home for the First Time? What You Should Know About Warranties Home service contracts, or home warranties, are an important consideration in the home-buying process, especially for new homeowners. “Homes are a major financial investment, and repairs and replacements on appliances and major systems can cost anywhere from $700 to more than $3,500,” explains Tim Meenan, CEO and executive director of the Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC). “While new home... read more

Buying a home for a large family

Posted by John Cook on July 11, 2016 in No Category
Cheaper by the Dozen: Homebuying Tips for Large Families By Dixie Somers Having a large family can be a source of joy and pride for both you and your several children. However, it will require more space to house everyone comfortably and to meet their needs. If you have a large household and are looking for a more suitable house to fit your growing family, follow the tips below in order to choose the most comfortable home option. Choose a Home with a Finished Basement or Attic Space As your kids get older, ... read more

10 of the most beautiful places in the world

Posted by John Cook on July 11, 2016 in No Category
Wanderlust: 10 of the Most Beautiful Places in the World By Barbara Pronin Got the travel bug? Hop on a plane overseas to (or just daydream about!) these beautiful places, recently rounded up by Harper’s Bazaar: Amalfi Coast – Hugging the coast through a succession of idyllic small towns like Positano, this eye-opening seaside escape in Italy offers postcard views at every turn. Bora Bora – With its turquoise lagoons, coral reefs and overwater bungalows, this French Polynesian island i... read more